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2018-19 Performing Arts Calendar

August 2018

22 6:30pm - 8:30pm Marching Band Rehearsal

25-30 All day Marching Band Camp

September 2018

15 CHS Marching Band Competition

29 CHS Marching Band Competition

October 2018

6 CHS Marching Band Competition

13 CHS Marching Band Competition

November 2018

12 CHS Marching Band Awards

15 CHS Fall Play Senior Citizens Performance

16 CHS Fall Honors Recital

16 7:30pm CHS Fall Play 

17 7:30pm CHS Fall Play 

December 2018

1 Chatham Christmas Tree Lighting - 3rd Grade Chorus

3 7:30pm CMS 6th Grade Concert

4 9am MAS 1st Grade Concert

5  9am MAS 2nd Grade Concert, 7:30pm CMS 7th/8th Band Concert

6  9am MAS 3rd Grade Concert, 7:30pm CHS Choral Concert

10 7:30pm CHS Orchestra Concert

11 9am WAS 3rd Grade Concert

10:30am WAS 1st Grade Concert

7:30pm CMS 7th/8th Chorus and Orchestra Concert

12 9am WAS 2nd Grade Concert,  7pm LAF 4th Grade Concert

13 7pm LAF 5th Grade Concert

14 CPAC Winter Showcase

18 9:30am  SBS 1st Grade Concert

19 9:30am  SBS 2nd Grade Concert

20 9:30am SBS 3rd Grade Concert

21 9am CHS Select/Voices/Jazz Band/Chamber Orchestra performances for CHS/LAF

January 2019

9 7:30pm CHS Band Concert

11 7pm SBS Family Fun Night

31 6pm  CMS Musical

February 2019

1 7pm CMS Musical

2 7pm CMS Musical

3 7pm CMS Musical SNOW DATE

9 7:30pm Broadway Under the Stars SNOW DATE

19 Devils Game: CMS Band

March 2019

2 8am - 12pm Breakfast with the Musicians

April 2019

3 3:30pm CHS Musical Senior Citizens Performance

4 6pm CHS Musical

5 7:30pm CHS Musical

6 7:30pm CHS Musical

11 5pm CMS Jazz in the Middle

24 9am MAS 3rd grade Concert, 1:45pm SBS 3rd Grade Concert, 7:30pm CHS Band Concert

25 9am WAS 3rd Grade Concert

30 7pm CHS Spring Honors Recital

May 2019

1 Theatre Studio Production

2–5 CHS Music Trip

7 7:30pm CMS 7th/8th Band Concert

8 7:30pm CHS Jazz and Percussion Concert

9 7:30pm CMS 7th/8th Chorus and Orchestra Concert

13 7:30pm CHS Orchestra Concert

14 7:30pm CHS Choral Concert

15 7:30pm CMS 6th Grade Concert

17 All day CMS 8th Grade Music Trip

17 Broadway Under the Stars

31 CPAC Spring Show

June 2019

5 CHS Directors' Showcase (One Act Plays)

6 6:30pm Stringfest

12 7pm LAF 4th Grade Concert

13 7pm LAF 4th Grade Concert

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